The Vampire and the Case of the Wayward Werewolf

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Someone paid the vampire king’s creepy son to turn me into one of the bitey undead. I’m not hanging about to find out who or why. The vampires want me to stay with them for one hundred years of indentured servitude but I have this thing about following orders so I ran from the streets of London to the wilds of Alaska.

I have an eidetic memory and a can-do attitude. I can-do anything to get away from the vampire king. So when the Sheriff of Portlock, a hidden paranormal town, invites me to be his secretary, I say sure thing. It beats servitude hands down.

At first things seem ideal in Portlock, I make a new friend and even get asked out on a date. But the truth is, there are secrets aplenty. The paranormal council are at each other’s throats, figuratively of course. But then someone rips out a werewolf’s throat, literally this time.

I need to work with the Sheriff to find the killer, before he strikes again. We just need to winnow through werewolf pack issues, council politics, and more suspects than you can shake a stake at. Simple.

Portlock is a melting pot of witches, necromancers, vampires and shifters, but things are starting to boil over. I just hope I don’t get burnt.

Dive into this fast-paced urban fantasy series if you love humour, heart, found family and a slow-burn romance.

Out 1st March