The Vampire and the Case of the Baleful Banshee

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Spells, hexes and curses.

Curses are falling on this town like rain in London. Just when I think I’ve found a link between the hexed victims, someone else shows up jinxed too. It feels like the devil is playing darts with my paranormal town, and if the dart lands on you, you get whammied with a curse.

Frankly, I haven’t got a clue how to find the perpetrator. Realistically, it probably isn’t Beelzebub. My sole lead is pointing me at the traveling black market that has just landed in Portlock. That’s all fine and dandy — if I can find out where it is. Weirdly, no one is willing to talk to the cops about the highly-illegal-market. I’m persona non grata, which I’m kind of used to, being a slightly-less-than-undead vampire.

On top of everything, my overbearing British mother has come to visit me in Alaska. Stuck in my shoebox house together, we might actually have to deal with some of our issues. Ugh, what fresh circle of hell is this? Thank goodness I have Connor MacKenzie, vampire leader and sexy lumberjack, to run to when the going gets tough.

I’m juggling things — badly — when I discover my dog is cursed too. The question is, what would I do to save my hound? The answer: anything and everything. The world can burn for all I care, as long as I can save my pup.

Dive into this fast-paced urban fantasy series if you love mystery, humour, found family and a slow-burn romance.

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