Guardians of the Pack

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I have a wolf in my head – her name is Esme, and she likes killing things.

I’m Lucy. Your average accountant turned alpha werewolf. An affair with the wrong succubus sent me tumbling into a magical realm I’d never even dreamed existed. I was just adjusting to pack life when I was asked to mercy kill the current alpha. I’m not a total bitch, so I did what he asked, but it’s left me as alpha of a pack I don’t know, full of people who resent that I still live and breathe while the old alpha doesn’t.

I’m still trying to find my way in this violent new world when my third in command, Mark, gets brutally murdered right under my damn nose. To regain control of the pack, I’m going to need to find the killer and bring him to vigilante justice – luckily Esme is more than happy to get her paws dirty.

Of course, that’s when the werewolf council show up to question me, and things get a little dicey. Thank goodness I have Greg Manners, former dragon brethren and general ass kicker, along to back me up. Now I just need to unravel who’d kill Mark, which it turns out, is a really long list. Mark was a very naughty boy. Now I’m hip deep in suspects, and I need to move fast – before the killer strikes again…