Glimmer of Hope

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I’m Jinx, a run-of-the-mill private investigator … except I’m also a walking, talking lie detector. Oh, and I belong to magical realm known as the Other.

Murder isn’t usually my gig, but when I’m hired to investigate the death of a dryad called Reggie, I agree to help out because I know his grieving widow. It should be an easy case to crack, a mugging gone wrong, but the murder scene photos show it was anything but. Reggie’s death has all the hallmarks of my parents’ murders so I’ll stop at nothing to finding his killers. It’s so important I’d even be willing to tag in Stone to help – if I could find him…

Reggie was into some bad stuff involving a drug called Boost. Take it, and you play Russian roulette because either you get high or you die. As the drug claims another victim, I find myself with a new sidekick who is determined to fight its evil influence and he just happens to be the king of the dragon community.

Now I have two deaths to solve and one suave dragon king along for the ride.

I need to find Reggie’s murderer.

I need to discover who killed my parents.

And I need to keep my distance from the charismatic dragon Emory, who refuses to take no for an answer…

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