Glimmer of Deception

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I’m Jinx, a private investigator, a truth seeker and a wizard. You’d think all those skills would make it easy for me to get to the heart of a problem, but life’s never so simple.
I thought I knew what had happened to my parents the night they died. I thought I finally knew the truth – but I’ve taken a tumble down a rabbit hole, everything is topsy turvy, and I’m not sure who I can trust.

Add to the mix some rude SOB who keeps trying to kill me. Is it the same guy who targeted my parents – or someone else entirely? I need to stay alive long enough to bring whoever it is to justice, but it looks like Emory and I have got a mole. Someone is betraying us in the worst possible way, and we need to find out who.

I need to find my would-be assassin and stop him before he puts the nails in my coffin.

I need to locate the leak and plug it – permanently.

Oh, and I probably need to stop the rampaging ouroboros who is destroying parts of the city…

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