Challenge of the Court

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I’m supposed to be meeting with Emory’s dragon Court and amazing them with my suave wit and shining intellect. Instead I’m on the trail of a kidnapper. Someone has stolen away a centaur teenager, Alfie, from a magical circus. The circus master has hired me and Gato to find out who took him – hopefully before Alfie swims with the fishes.

The problem is, no one in the circus is who they say they are. The Other Circus is a front for a magical underground, helping those that want to leave their magical lives far behind. They’ve spent years keeping their heads down and their mouths shut and it’s going to take more than asking nicely to get this bunch to crack.

The clock is ticking, not just to find Alfie, but also for me to impress Emory’s dragon Court. When I finally meet them, I’m going to have to pass through a series of consort challenges before they’ll recognise me as Emory’s intended mate. Oh, and they won’t tell me what’s a challenge, and what’s not. Nothing is what it seems, but luckily I come with an inbuilt lie detector. I’m itching to prove to the standoffish dragon-shifters that I’m more than a pretty face but finding Alfie has to come first.

I’m juggling things as best I can, but all it will take is one wrong move to bring everything crashing down on my head …

Burn through this fun, fast-paced, laugh-out-loud mix of urban fantasy and mystery.

Written in British English. For the maximal reader experience, it is recommended that you read The Other Wolf series before you read Challenge of the Court, though the events in the Other Wolf series are explained if you prefer to dive right in.